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Side panniers 1,000 baht / 1 trip

Additional information

Type 1
Capacity 750 cc.
Seat Height 135 cm.
Wet Weight 220 kg.
Price/Day 1,000 ฿
Promotion Price/Day 0 ฿
If The hire need to rent lower than 5 days or can't reserve please contact popbigbikes@gmail.com or Facebook "pop big bike for rent Chiangmai Thailand"

On the road

How to rent a big bike

  1. Customers can choose a big bike. With many types such as Touring Bike , Road Bike , Cruiser & Classic , Big Scooter and Dirt Bike.
  2. Submit documents for the lease, including Thai people: ID card with driver's license Foreigners: PASSPORT with international driving license Along with filling out the Big Bike rental form and pay for the big bike rental at the front + big bike insurance (The insurance included third's party insurance cover for body medical no insurance for bike damage ) Copy passport + deposit depends of motorcycle engine) The security deposit will be returned after the hire return motorcycle ** Additional, the shop offers rental big bikes across the country, including Laos. Can ask for more information **
  3. The shop will issue the documents for rental to customers. Which customers have to keep this part to be submitted on the day of the return the bike will have details such as Types of big bikes rental date – return date and amount.
  4. Check the condition and take pictures of the big bike before leaving from the shop. To prevent problems when returning a big bike
  5. The shop offers accessories such as helmets, top boxes, side boxes, phone holders, gloves.

How to return a big bike

Return the Big Bike at the shop and submit the rental documents. The shop will check the condition. And return the deposit to the customer.